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Reading Women (2012 - 2013), Carrie Schneider

  1. Rena reading Zadie Smith, Megha reading Edith Wharton.
  2. Flávia reading Clarice Lispector, Bianca reading Sylvia Plath.
  3. Evan reading Anne Lamott, Aura reading Maarit Verronen.
  4. Sara reading Miranda July, Sheree reading Angela Carter.
  5. Hsiao-Jou reading Fang-Yi Sheu, Heather reading Chris Kraus.
  6. Cauleen reading Gwendolyn Brooks, Molly reading Roseanne Barr.
  7. Sarah reading Zora Neale Hurston, Vicky reading Gloria Fuertes.
  8. Alyssa reading Patti Smith, Yala reading Susan Sontag.
  9. Whitney reading Terry Tempest Williams, Naomi reading Adrian Piper.
  10. Kelly reading Gabrielle Hamilton, Amy reading Michelle Cliff.

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Printemps dans une petite ville
(小城之春, 1948) de Fei Mu
Spring in a small town


Hong Kong, September 2014

The Goddess | Wu Yonggang | 1934

Welcome to Pyongyang !


Book and Packaging Design - Old Man and the Sea by Nina Cornelison

School Project - Design a limited edition book cover and case for the classic novel, Old Man & The Sea. The book is pocket size and would come inside a vintage sardine can with the key.


Moon Gazing, Mooncake Grazing                                                 

Cooks prepare mooncakes at Cantonese institution Luk Yu Tea House in Hong Kong on Aug. 28, 2014.

Mooncakes are gifted during the celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival on the 15th day of the eighth month of the Lunar calendar, which lands on Sept. 8 this year.

Traditionally celebrated by the Chinese and Vietnamese as a harvest festival, families gather over a meal to share mooncakes and watch the full moon, a symbol of completeness and unity.

While mooncake styles vary from region to region, they are typically made of a sweet bean paste, such as lotus seed, surrounded by a thin crust, and some may include salted duck egg yolks in the filling. They are shaped in a wooden mold before being baked in an oven.

Photographer: Brent Lewin/Bloomberg

© 2014 Bloomberg Finance LP


Kyeong Dok Jai

Gyeonggi-do • South Korea

By IROJE KHM Architects

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I’d like to present you the new footwear which will perfectly match with your foot by “dipping” your own foot. I have named it “Fondue Slipper” because the production process is similar to cheese fondue. It’s very easy to make. You just dip your foot and dry it. That’s all. *This prototype is using PVC, which hardens at 200~300 degrees Celsius (392~572 degrees Fahrenheit). This time I used my foot mold instead of my foot. I am currently developing a kit which allows Fondue Slipper to make at home. Soon this new kit will be complete and you will be able to make your own Fondue Slipper that fits your foot perfectly. You can wear Fondue Slipper both inside and outside. It can also be used as slipper by folding the heel, or you can wear it without folding the heel if you want to run. SATSUKI OHATA

Wow, speechless….


Kowloon Walled City, inspiration the setting of Ghost in the Shell. 
Photography via Greg Girard

iPad. Exemple of APP about cooking.